Abstracts for the talks and posters can be found in the book of abstracts.

Wednesday (May 20)

8:30 Registration
9:00Invited talk: David DiVincenzo
Majorana particles with noise: problems with braiding anyons
9:45 Fernando G.S.L. Brandão, Toby Cubitt, Angelo Lucia, Spyridon Michalakis and David Perez Garcia.
Area law for fixed points of rapidly mixing dissipative quantum systems
10:10 Tzu-Chieh Wei and Robert Raussendorf.
The spin-2 AKLT state on the square lattice is universal for measurement-based quantum computation
10:35 Coffee break
11:05 Ciaran Lee and Jonathan Barrett.
Computation in generalised probabilistic theories
11:30 Joseph Bowles, Flavien Hirsch, Marco Túlio Quintino and Nicolas Brunner.
Local hidden variable models for entangled quantum states using finite shared randomness
11:55 Rodrigo Gallego and Leandro Aolita.
The resource theory of steering
12:20 Lunch
14:00 Carlos E. González-Guillén, C. Hugo Jiménez, Carlos Palazuelos and Ignacio Villanueva.
Sampling quantum nonlocal correlations with high probability
14:25 Sabine Burgdorf, Monique Laurent and Teresa Piovesan.
On the closure of the completely positive semidefinite cone and linear approximations to quantum colorings
14:50 Yoshifumi Nakata, Christoph Hirche, Ciara Morgan and Andreas Winter.
Implementing unitary 2-designs using random diagonal-unitary matrices
15:15 Raban Iten, Roger Colbeck, Ivan Kukuljan, Jonathan Home and Matthias Christandl.
Quantum Circuits for Isometries
15:40 Coffee break
16:00 Poster session

Thursday (May 21)

9:00Invited talk: Ronald de Wolf
Quantum property testing: A survey and one new result
9:45 Marco Piani.
Hierarchy of efficiently computable and faithful lower bounds to quantum discord
10:10 David Elkouss and Sergii Strelchuk.
Quantum capacity can be greater than private information for arbitrarily many uses
10:35 Coffee break
11:05 Jop Briet, Harry Buhrman, Debbie Leung, Teresa Piovesan and Florian Speelman.
Round elimination in exact communication complexity
11:30 Saikat Guha, Hari Krovi, Christopher Fuchs, Zachary Dutton, Joshua Slater, Christoph Simon and Wolfgang Tittel.
Rate-loss analysis of an efficient quantum repeater architecture
11:55 Stephan Waeldchen, Janina Gertis, Earl T. Campbell and Jens Eisert.
Renormalising entanglement distillation
12:20 Lunch
14:00Invited talk: Laura Mančinska
Unbounded entanglement can be needed to achieve the optimal success probability
14:45 Raul Garcia-Patron Sanchez, William Matthews and Andreas Winter.
Quantum enhancement of randomness distribution
15:10 Mario Berta, Omar Fawzi and Volkher Scholz.
Semidefinite programs for randomness extractors
15:35 Coffee break
16:05 Michael Freedman and Claire Levaillant.
Interferometric versus projective measurement of anyons
16:30 Fern Watson, Earl Campbell, Hussain Anwar and Dan Browne.
Qudit (Gauge) Colour Codes in All Spatial Dimensions
16:55 Earl Campbell.
Thermalization and decoherence in open Majorana systems
20:15 Conference Dinner

Friday (May 22)

9:00Invited talk: Sean Hallgren
A quantum algorithm for computing the unit group of an arbitrary degree number field
9:45 Shelby Kimmel, Cedric Yen-Yu Lin and Han-Hsuan Lin.
Oracles with Costs
10:10 Mathieu Brandeho and Jérémie Roland.
A universal adiabatic quantum query algorithm
10:35 Coffee break
11:05 Srinivasan Arunachalam, Vlad Gheorghiu, Tomas Jochym-O’connor, Michele Mosca and Priyaa Varshinee Srinivasan.
On the Robustness of Bucket Brigade Quantum RAM
11:30 Marios Georgiou and Iordanis Kerenidis.
New constructions for Quantum Money
11:55 Edward Eaton and Fang Song.
Making Existential-Unforgeable Signatures Strongly Unforgeable in the Quantum Random-Oracle Model
12:20 Closing